Privacy is important on any media with social features, and at YOU-app we take it very seriously. YOU-app is best when you can share openly and honestly, and that's often done either with complete strangers or only your closest.

You can manage your privacy in five ways:

1) Choose a username that doesn't reveal your identity, e.g. do not include your full name

2) Do not connect Facebook - if you connect Facebook then your Facebook friends are able to find you

3) You can set your profile to private under Me - top right icon - Settings - Make profile private. That way only your followers can see your posts, and you need to approve each follower request

4) Set individual posts as private.

5) You can block individual users by going to their profile, clicking the icon in the upper right corner and "Block user"

The most common way for our users is to have a public profile, a semi-anonymous username, not be connected through Facebook and, and setting individual posts as private.

P.S. If you are experiencing any harassment, bullying or ANY other type of issues, contact us directly at!