First of all, thank you very much for reaching out on this important topic. We want to make sure the posts here are not abusive or offensive to anyone. Since we cannot personally check every single post we rely on the community to report inappropriate content. 

When you come across something you find inappropriate - ask yourself first: "Is this something that I personally don't approve of, but I can understand that there are people out there who find this interesting, motivating, or part of their freedom of speech". If the answer is yes - take a deep breath, and unfollow (or block) that person.

If you think it's something objectively inappropriate and it shouldn't be on YOU-app, do this:

- At the bottom of the post, lower right corner, there are three dots - press them

- Press "Report post" and "Ok"

That sends us a report and we'll either hide the post from view for others or remove it completely.

If the content is an inappropriate comment on your own post, you can delete it: press "Comment", then the dots next to it, and click "Delete".

Thank you for taking action on this topic!